Resident Evil 7 Was Supposed To Be Third-Person Featuring Leon

Capcom insider Dusk Golem recently shared some concept art that they claimed belonged to a scrapped version of Resident Evil 7. The images reveal that the game's original design was supposed to be a third-person adventure featuring Leon S. Kennedy as the protagonist in a city loosely inspired by Venice, Italy.

According to the insider, the game was supposed to feature a "choice" mechanic, slowing down the time briefly and allowing players to make a decision, much similar to what we usually see in Telltale titles. The core gameplay, however, was supposed to be based on Resident Evil 6. Apparently, there was a polished demo of the game later in 2012/2013, providing up to 60 minutes of gameplay.

Dusk Golem claims that the project was eventually canceled in favor of returning to the origins of the Resident Evil franchise, which resulted in the first-ever mainline entry of the series featuring a first-person camera as well as introducing all-new characters.

Resident Evil 7 was a turning point in the history of the franchise as it became a surprisingly successful hit for Capcom, setting the foundation for Resident Evil Village, which was yet another victory for the Japanese developer. Resident Evil 7 was also the first title in the series to support PlayStation VR.

Currently, Capcom is focused on delivering Resident Evil 4 Remake in March 2023, following the successful remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. It remains unknown what would be the next step for Capcom after Resident Evil 4 Remake, especially with the recent Resident Evil Village expansion that added Rose as a new playable character. That being said, there is still one more upgrade coming for Resident Evil Village, which will make it playable on PlayStation VR2.

Aside from story-driven experiences, Capcom has made multiple efforts to deliver a multiplayer title based on the Resident Evil franchise as well. The latest attempt was Resident Evil Re:Verse, which was released along with the Resident Evil Village's post-launch expansion late last year. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to be a fan favorite experience as it currently has a "Mostly Negative" review badge on Steam with only 37% of positive reviews.

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CalicoReidso they can always patch the game to have Leon in it with 3rd person

I think it's been out a little long to go and do that by now...


they can always patch the game to have Leon in it with 3rd person

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