WILD HEARTS Cinematic Trailer Teases Earthbreaker Kemono

Koei Tecmo and EA Originals have released a new trailer for Omega Force’s WILD HEARTS, the upcoming hunting action RPG. It sees a storyteller with wooden puppets talking about the village of Minato, the threat of the Kemono and how the Hunters rose to face them. Check it out below.

Kemono, like Deathstalker, Kingtusk, Lavaback and Amaterasu, are showcased. But the star is arguably Earthbreaker, the giant rock-based Kemono that appeared at the end of the game’s first trailer. Its outer skin is impenetrable to attacks, so hunters must identify and attack its weak spots, and then damage the weak spot on its head.

Besides Earthbreaker, the trailer also showcases different weapons, the Karakuri tools, and the regions. WILD HEARTS is out on February 17th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, with EA Play Pro and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers gaining early access on February 13th. Stay tuned for more gameplay in the meantime.

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CalicoReidso "Tame a world gone world"

need to tame the world we already live in ffs LMAO

I wholeheartedly disagree, it's the "taming" of this world that will lead to it's destruction! We need to live in harmony with its long-surviving systems and not believe the one's we've placed onto it in the past 2,000 years are better for us and it.


"Tame a world gone world"

need to tame the world we already live in ffs LMAO


That wheel vehicle in the trailer is sick. Reminds me of gerneral grevious vehicle in Star Wars lol


In general the world should be wild, but in this game I might actually disagree...

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