Rainbow Six Siege Confirms Year 8 Reveal Set For Next Week

With only one day away from the beginning of Six Invitational 2023, the biggest yearly esports tournament of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has revealed its plan to fully announce Year 8 Season 1 on February 18, one day prior to the grand finale of the competition.

In the first teaser for Year 8, Rainbow Six Siege introduces a new in-game squad, Viperstrike, led by Hibana. The new squad targets precision in missions, and with that motto, players will see Dokkaebi, Mute, Blitz, Rook, Alibi, Maestro, Thatcher, Echo, Azami, Jager, Mira, and Capitao joining Viperstrike. This will be yet another separation from the original Rainbow Six squad, following the creation of Nighthaven, Wolfguard, and Ghosteyes squads.

It is yet to be seen what else we can expect to see in the first season of Year 8, as we don't know anything about the official roadmap for the next year. The game is supposed to receive one new operator this season, but it is yet to be known whether it would be an attacker or a defender.

Rainbow Six Siege received beefy content during Year 7, as the developers launched two new maps, four new operators, one new game mode, and some big gameplay changes such as Attacker Repick, Ranked 2.0, and a whole new recoil system for all weapons. The game also saw surprising balance changes as the developers touched on the speed and health of operators like Sledge and Mute after a long time.

Currently, there are some features in Rainbow Six Siege that are supposed to receive more improvements in Year 8, including the Reputation system which is running in beta mode. Also, you can expect more updates on the Replay feature. Players will also see the result of Ranked 2.0 changes in the next season, as the beginning of Year 8 Season 1 will bring all the Alpha Packs and other cosmetic items that players have already earned in the current season of Ranked, something that was only limited to a single Charm prior to this.

Despite its announcement on February 18, it will probably take a few weeks until the new season launches on live servers. So, it is safe to say that you still have more than two weeks to complete the current Battle Pass and make further progress in the Ranked mode.

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CalicoReidso Rainbow Six franchise still going strong :catjam:

I used to love the old Vegas games. I haven't played it in ages now though. I tried a couple of later ones out and never really got into them


Rainbow Six franchise still going strong :catjam:


Surprising voice / accent accompanying this trailer!


I know some will be really happy for this !

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