EA's Iron Man Video Game Seemingly Enters Full Development

It looks as though Electronic Arts' upcoming Iron Man video game has now entered full production. In the back half of 2022, EA and Marvel Games confirmed that a new game tied to the character Iron Man was in the works at EA Motive. The project was said to be a third-person, single-player title that would center around a new version of Tony Stark. And while details on this unnamed Iron Man game have been sparse so far, it sounds like Motive is now beginning to work much more heavily on it.

In a new message posted to Reddit recently, developers at EA Motive seemingly confirmed that Iron Man is now speeding up its development in the wake of Dead Space being released. Motive was also the studio behind this recent remake of Dead Space, and while the company might do more with the horror franchise in the future, it seems like Iron Man's development could now be picking up.

"There's numerous factors that need to be taken into account at a studio and company level but first, the team will take a well-deserved vacation before determining what's next," said Motive about its recent completion of Dead Space. "We have an amazing team at Motive that has started working on Iron Man and you can rest assured that it's in great hands!"

Even if Iron Man is now fully in production at EA Motive, it seems likely that the game won't release for a couple more years. Based on what has been shared already, Iron Man sounds like it's still very, very early into development. This is most easily seen by the fact that the game still doesn't have an official title. Still, if we're lucky, perhaps we'll end up getting an official trailer for Iron Man at some point in the coming months.

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Kyle tbh i really hope this turns out good since Sony has the VR game this should be interesting.

Yeah, I imagine playing as superheroes in VR could be pretty fun. Maybe I'll give them another spin once VR finally makes it way into my home...


The environment outside of the city looks beautiful! I've never been a big fan of Marvel games, nor movies for that matter...


nice for them to bring an Iron Man game out (again)

it does look great


tbh i really hope this turns out good since Sony has the VR game this should be interesting.


I don't get w by it had to be iron man lmao. Why not hulk at least ???

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