Hogwarts Legacy Setting Changes Improve the Experience Considerably

Hogwarts Legacy players share their tips on how to improve the immersive experience considerably. Hogwarts Legacy has been hailed by many as the most immersive Wizarding World experience, especially that of the titular Hogwarts. The game’s initial default settings may not lend well to this effect, however.

Ever since some Hogwarts Legacy gameplay was leaked in 2018, the game has been highly anticipated. An open world Harry Potter or Wizarding World game has been in high demand from fans almost as far back as the franchise goes. After the official announcement in September 2020 that Hogwarts Legacy would be coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which were both months away from release, expectations for a magical experience were set even higher.

With some players receiving Hogwarts Legacy early, and others making use of the 72 hour early-access granted by the deluxe edition, there are already plenty of people playing the game ahead of its February 10 release date. With that, players have been sharing their experience with the game as well as tips on how to make the game even better. For Reddit user Egyptianbeast96, the immersion of being in the Wizarding World was amplified when they turned off the minimap and tracking icons on the HUD.

Meanwhile Reddit user Zebatsu suggests to controller players that they should turn the camera acceleration all the way down and the camera sensitivity up to get smoother gameplay. Both of these suggestions were marked as PSAs, and indeed do a lot to help players looking for the best Hogwarts experience. While the HUD is added to games to ensure that players don’t get lost, confused, or miss the main aspects of the game, there are many players that feel that certain displays are too cumbersome or remove the sense of deep immersion. One Skyrim player found a funny way to remove the compass for a more immersive experience: putting paper on their screen to cover it up.

With new Hogwarts Legacy being so highly anticipated, it’s important for players to be able to be fully enjoyed to each individual player’s preference. Some players have been enjoying the immersive experience as a nostalgia trip, or simply enjoying the title as an immersive and magical RPG, but for others the reminder of J.K. Rowling’s indirect involvement has made any chance of enjoying Hogwarts Legacy impossible, leading to a boycott. Regretfully a Hogwarts Legacy streamer was brought to tears on Twitch due to harassment in the chat, meaning that even for those that have opted not to boycott the game may not be able to enjoy it as they wish.

Hogwarts Legacy is out on February 10th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. You can download the latest Hogwarts Legacy Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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Dong I am loving this game so far. Almost clocked 20 hours already. Hoping they release some sort of co op or multi player though

I don't think there's been any mention of plans for that... I wish games would just get fully released these days!


CalicoReidso yeah, would be better experience if you turn those two things off ffs

I wouldn't say better, but more immersive for sure. It's the same case for any game really


yeah, would be better experience if you turn those two things off ffs


Gonna have to try, loving the game so far.


I am loving this game so far. Almost clocked 20 hours already. Hoping they release some sort of co op or multi player though


Besides some of the animation this game is so perfect so far I'm loving it.


To be fair, turning off the minimap and HUD improves ones immersion in most games haha

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