It Takes Two Sells Over 10 Million Copies

Hazelight Studios’ award-winning It Takes Two has achieved a new sales milestone with over 10 million copies sold. As noted on Twitter, potentially twice as many would have enjoyed the game due to its co-op nature.

Released in 2021 for PlayStation, PC and Xbox and last year for Nintendo Switch, It Takes Two is about Cody and May, who are looking to divorce. Their daughter Rose hears this, and the next thing the couple knows, they’ve been turned into hand-made dolls. With some help from Dr Hakim, a relationship therapy book brought to life, the couple does their best to return to normal.

Throughout their journey, they’ll engage in numerous activities and mini-games across several genres.

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CalicoReidso not surprised. it certainly looks like a really fun game to play

Yeah it really does. After I finish playing Unravel with my partner, I plan to suggest this to her


A really beautiful indie game. I love the artwork and the story. Very powerful.
I'm glad it's sold so well.


not surprised. it certainly looks like a really fun game to play


That's awesome congrats to them ! 10 million is a shite load.

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