Hi-Fi Rush is Now Steam Deck Verified

Tango Gameworks, the studio behind the recent hit Hi-Fi Rush has announced that the game is now Steam Deck verified. Within a span of a week since its launch, Hi-Fi Rush has emerged as one of the most successful Xbox first-party releases in recent times. Now, with this latest update fans will be able to take the hit title on the go too.

Tango's latest release is a notable departure both from the studio and Bethesda's usual lineup of games. In terms of art style and gameplay, many point out Hi-Fi Rush's similarity to Devil May Cry and other previous titles like Sunset Overdrive. The colorful visuals combined with the unique rhythm-based gameplay proved to be a massive success for Tango Gameworks as Metacritic's Metascore for the Microsoft exclusive reads 90 along with an 8.8 user review rating as of this writing.

Being a Microsoft title, Hi-Fi Rush is exclusively available on Xbox consoles and PC. But now, fans will be able to bring the rhythm-based action game to a much smaller, portable package. The developers have announced that Hi-Fi Rush is officially Steam Deck verified. This means that the game has been fully tested to run on the portable console and is part of the growing library of Steam Deck verified titles.

It should be noted that Steam in particular has been one of the biggest launching pads for Hi-Fi Rush. As of now, 98% of the 5,471 user reviews on Steam scored Tango's latest hit as overwhelmingly positive. More importantly, Hi-Fi Rush managed to outsell more massive AAA projects like Forspoken within days of its release. Now its Steam Deck verified status will likely push those numbers even further as more people opt to play the game on the go.

Interestingly, the launch of the Bethesda title has also sparked conversations about how video game launches should be handled, particularly considering how Hi-Fi Rush was shadow dropped on the same day as it was announced. While it's unlikely that every major AAA game and indie title will get shadow-dropped anytime soon, Hi-Fi Rush makes for an interesting point on the potential for what successful alternate video game marketing campaigns look like. Either way, Bethesda's rhythm-based action game will likely maintain its growing popularity as more people discover Hi-Fi Rush, especially since it has made it to the Steam Deck verified list of games.

Hi-Fi Rush is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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Runts I don't really like it or think it looks that good

The concept is cool. but that's about all imo...


it certainly is a game for the Steam Deck


I don't really like it or think it looks that good


Not really my art style but the combat does look pretty fun... and very unique.
I'm not too surprised it's outsold Forspoken!

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