The Day Before Gameplay Debuts, Features Lots of Jogging & Scavenging

After various twists and turns, Fntastic finally released a ten-minute gameplay video for The Day Before, its upcoming post-apocalyptic survival MMORPG. It showcases some mechanics, like exploration and the UI for one’s inventory and weapon customization. Check it out below.

However, much of the showcase is devoted to jogging around a relatively barren-looking world. Upon heading into the city, a few zombies are seen from a distance, which the players don’t engage. It eventually ends in a police station as some undead are gunned down. If you’re used to cities being literal hives of zombies like in The Walking Dead, this will feel like a downgrade.

The overall ambience and lighting are nice, as is the minimalist presentation where environmental sounds take precedence. But that’s more or less it. The Day Before is out on November 10th for PC, with Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions also in development. It was hit by a trademark dispute recently, though Fntastic revealed it was already planning a delay.

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CalicoReidso it certaimly does look good and interesting to play

"Good and interesting."

Yes that's exactly how the best games are described!


it certaimly does look good and interesting to play


Man this game looks sweet ngl


I sure do love to jog in video games! I'm surprised they're releasing stuff since they just had that whole copyright fiasco...

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