Rumor: New PS5 DualSense Controller Colors Leaked

Two unreleased PlayStation 5 DualSense controller colors appear on an official PlayStation website, prompting players to ask if there are new options soon to be released. Since the PS5's launch in 2020, Sony has released alternative color options for its DualSense controllers at a trickle. Even now, there are only six widely-available color options for DualSense controllers beyond the base white option. Even two additional options for PS5 DualSense colors would be an exciting change.

There are currently six widely available standard colors available for PS5 DualSense controllers. These include the original White coloring for controllers included with the PlayStation 5, as well as Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. There are also two additional color options. The first is the Gray Camouflage DualSense controller and the second is the God of War Ragnarok controller. Both of these controllers may only be available in a limited fashion.

Two additional color options for PS5 DualSense controllers may be planned by Sony, according to recently discovered official details. A Reddit user named Loyal_Frost shared that the official warranty registration on PlayStation's website allows users to select the color of the controller they're registering. The drop-down menu includes every expected DualSense color option, as well as two more. Both Metallic Gray and Metallic Red are both listed as options.

PlayStation fans may recognize the branding. "Metallic Grey" was the name of a color option for the PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller and a throwback to the PS2 Satin Silver controller. All offer a shiny gray/silver coloring that not only look great, but hearken back to the original PlayStation's gray controller. Metallic Red would assumedly be similar, offering glossy red coloring with a type of paint that sparkles somewhat in the light.

By no means does Metallic Gray and Metallic Red's inclusion in this list mean that PlayStation plans on launching these color options imminently, if ever. They may have been planned but canceled, added to the list entirely by accident, offered in test markets but never fully launched, or something similar. These things happen all the time.

It's also true, however, that PlayStation rolls out new color options for its controllers year-to-year. New color combinations are almost certainly coming in 2023 and Metallic Gray and Metallic Red could very well be those new colors. Perhaps they'll be new color options for the upgraded DualSense Edge controller, too. Time will tell what PlayStation's next direction for its PS5 DualSense controllers will be.

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Runts I want the one that the PSN employees got ! That controller looks soo clean man !

I really didn't like that to be honest. I actually thought it looked to cluttered haha


mightycarmods I don't need another controller, but if metallic grey does come out I'm buying it in a heartbeat.

I always think that wooden controllers look beaut! I think that's the only time I'd buy one unnecessarily!


sounds prett cool. hope it's released soon


I want the one that the PSN employees got ! That controller looks soo clean man !


I don't need another controller, but if metallic grey does come out I'm buying it in a heartbeat.


Metallic grey always looks nice on a controller


Hopefully not cancelled. Metallic grey/red sound pretty cool

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