Amnesia: The Bunker Gets Delayed

Amnesia: The Bunker from Frictional Games will no longer be hitting its March release date and will instead be out in May, the developer said this week. The delay comes as a result of "a tough winter" consisting of illnesses that impacted the game's development process. The new release date for the game is May 16th, and when it releases, it'll be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms.

News of the delay was shared in the customary text-on-image tweet from the Frictional Games account. The developer said that because of the size of the studio, these sorts of illnesses that affected the company during the winter impacted their development heavily. The extra time spent working on the game will ensure that Amnesia: The Bunker is "the best it can be," the developer said.

"Amnesia: The Bunker has been delayed and will be released on May 16th 2023. The team here at Frictional has had a tough winter with a slew of illnesses that has affected the development," Frictional Games said. "We are a small team and things like this heavily impacts production. It is important to us to do the game justice, and in light of these halts in production we don't wish to rush the end product. The team is working hard to make The Bunker the best it can be, and a few more weeks will make the necessary difference. Amnesia: The Bunker will be available on Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG, PlayStation and Xbox on May 16th 2023."

After being teased more than once, the new game was formally announced in December with a 2023 release window attached. Gameplay was shown off later alongside more periodic teases as 2023 and the later announced March 2023 release window drew nearer.

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Xbox 2 month delay I can handle at least they ain't doing me like stalker 2

Yep, it's somehow normal now for games to get like 18 month delays haha. You think it'll come out this year?


CalicoReidso been looking forward to this, 2 months delay isn't that bad

It's not, plus I feel their reasoning is very understandable. Not often you hear of a game being delayed due to a "slew of illnesses to a small team" haha.


been looking forward to this, 2 months delay isn't that bad


They probably should have just left the 2023 release date until they had a clearer picture of development...
Seems to be the case for a lot of developers these days!


2 month delay I can handle at least they ain't doing me like stalker 2


Ayye another one gets to join the crew on delayed games !

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