Switch Joy-Cons Can Double as Wii Sensor Bar Replacements

An innovative Nintendo fan has found a way to repurpose their Nintendo Switch joy-cons as a sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success since its release back in 2017.

The massively successful console is most-appreciated for its ability to be played either as a handheld console or docked and played as a home console. The controllers for the system are crucial to the overall design of the console as well. Joy-Cons have standard buttons and analog sticks but can be played as a single controller and removed from the console to be used as two separate mini-controllers as well. Despite the versatility, many Switch owners have reported drift issues on their Joy-Cons.

One innovative fan has found a way to repurpose the Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch by taking advantage of their motion sensing capabilities and using it as a replacement for the Nintendo Wii sensor bar. In a Twitter post shared online, TuAmigoRoberto_ explained that they became curious and figured out that by using Game Builder Garage it is possible for players to set up their Joy-Cons as a Wii sensor bar. The post also includes a video showing evidence of Roberto using a Wii remote while aiming at their Switch Joy-Cons.

The post received several replies and quote tweets praising the innovative use of the Joy-Cons. The timing of this discovery is perfect as several Nintendo fans are requesting Wii games to be added to the Nintendo Switch library. Now that there is evidence that those games would be still be playable on the Switch and maintain the iconic motion controls present on the Nintendo Wii, it has several fans wondering if Nintendo will act on this and bring over classic titles even more.

While this confirmation does display some great design work on the part of Nintendo, there has been no confirmation on the company bringing over classic Wii titles to its Switch library. Nintendo has brought over classic titles from some of its other classic consoles such as the SNES and Nintendo 64 libraries to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. For now, Wii fans will have to wait and see how Nintendo decides to handle its game library from the console moving forward.

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CalicoReidso certainly will be a handy thing to have

Really? You still play the WiFi occasionally? I do but like once every two years for a Mario Kart bash with friends haha Then again, I don't own a joy con. Still cool though!


certainly will be a handy thing to have


That is awesome ! And good to know !


That's pretty cool! I wonder if it has a better pick up than the Wii sensor bar...
I always found it to have an annoyingly small range

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