September NPD: Obviously Destined to Sell Tons


The new, lighter (in both price and weight!) PS3 continues to enjoy renewed sales in its second month beating out every console except for the invincible DS -- and the PS3 got pretty close to that impossible victory. The PS3's sales more than doubled in the last month! In fact, just about everything enjoyed a boost in September, with all the home consoles benefiting from recent price drops, and the PSP launching new hardware (NPD's September sales period ran through October 3). The only "loser" is the DS, which fell in total sales, but still managed to sell more than anything else.
In software (see the chart after the break), unsurprisingly strong debuts took place for both games with Halo on the box and games with Mario on the box. In fact, strong is a bit of an understatement for ODST's 1.52 million units sold. It's not quite 3.3 million units, but for a presumably lower-cost spinoff using an existing engine, it'll do.
In a weird bit of cross-platform fickleness, The Beatles: Rock Band debuted in the top 10 for Xbox and Wii, but not PS3 -- while Batman: Arkham Asylum's PS3 version made a second appearance in the top 10 to the exclusion of the Xbox.
-DS: 524K29K (-5%)
-PS3: 492K282K (+134%)
-Wii: 463K186K (+67%)
-360: 353K138K (+64%)
-PSP: 190K50K (+36%)
-PS2: 146K40K (+38%)
Check out the software sales chart after the break.

1. Halo 3: ODST - 360 - Microsoft - 1.52m
2. Wii Sports Resort (w/ Wii Motion Plus) - Wii - Nintendo - 443K
3. Madden NFL 10 - 360 - EA - 290K
4. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - DS - Nintendo - 258K
5. The Beatles: Rock Band - 360 - EA - 254K
6. Madden NFL 10 - PS3 - EA - 247K
7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 -360 - Activision - 236K
8. Batman: Arkham Asylum - PS3 -Eidos - 213K
9. Guitar Hero 5 - 360 - Activision - 211K
10. The Beatles: Rock Band - Wii - EA - 209K
[via Joystiq]



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I was very suprised at that.

I didn't know so many people bought a PS3

I can understand the ds though. everyone under 15 has one


Okay so ..

The DS only sells alot is because most middle-aged people buy it for the brain training.

Also .. the wii beats 360?

Wow .. How can a Console like that beat a beast console like the xbox.

Wii probably only sells because people buy it for the family .. like that family trainer thing or what not.

360 is just for pro's, i guess some people can't handle it because their not pro enough, that's why they haven't got :)


DS is still going strong, the only thing tat beats it in age is the PS2, hopefully the xbox will get more sales after the new Dashboard Update is released


Thats kinda gay but i hope its no time soon in this recession -.-


Im still surprised when I see the Wii beat the 360...


the best part is that sony is still keeping the PS2 alive but since almost everyone still has a PS2 i think thats a smart idea to keep it alive

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