The Last of Us Director Teases New PS5 Game

As one of the co-creators of The Last of Us and a key figure in the Uncharted series as well, Neil Druckmann is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and talented directors in the industry, and he has teased his next game. Of course, this game will be a PS5 game, but that's all we know about it, well that's about all we know about it. Druckmann has teased that his next game with Naughty Dog will be "structured more like a TV show." And with The Last of Us getting a TV adaption through HBO and Sony going all-in on TV and movie adaptations of PlayStation IP, perhaps this is some wise future-proofing. Whatever the case, Druckmann's most recent game, The Last of Us Part II, with all its cutscenes and narrative, was already much more like a TV show than most games, so it's hard to imagine this aspect turned up even more.

In addition to this, Druckmann has revealed he's going to have a whole team of writers working with him for the first time. Of course, this will mean less of the game will be written by Druckmann himself. That said, if the game is going to be more like a TV show, it's going to demand more writing, so this makes sense.

Unfortunately, this is all Druckmann has to say about the game right now, which is rumored to be The Last of Us Part III. That said, why a third game in the series would be more like a TV show than the previous entries, we don't know. It doesn't really add up. In other words, these quotes seem to suggest a new IP.

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I hope they don't make too many and kill the legacy!


this is certainly going to be an interesting TLOU game, with a tv show-like story


The new game should be good I like how they're switching it up a bit making it like a tv show by having all the writers get involved. Always makes the game more better and surreal


Man psn just has so much fire games coming fr

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