Apex Legends Leak Hints at Major Class Reworks

The Apex Legends community is abuzz over the possibility of a sweeping class rework thanks to leaks that suggested that sort of thing may be happening soon in an upcoming season. According to these leaks, the existing classes will be overhauled with new passives shared by Legends within that class alongside the addition of totally new classes to better categorize the growing roster of Legends. Some reworks for existing characters were mentioned within these leaks, too.

Apex insider Thordan Smash has talked about these potential class reworks before, and this week, he shared some text from another leaker who claimed to have details on Respawn Entertainment's plans. The highlights of the leak are that the game's Assault classes will get red supply bins on maps similar to Lifeline's blue ones, and in these red bins, there'll be extra ammo. That's the only class-specific passive that's mentioned, but based on these leaks, the new classes will be Assault, Defense, Support, Recon, and something new called "Skirmishers."

That final class is apparently supposed to be something housing Legends like Wraith and Mirage who excel at fights by themselves, but it's unclear how, exactly, that class would differentiate itself from the Assault class. Gibraltar and Newcastle are supposedly going to be moved to the Support class which doesn't seem improbable based on their supportive playstyles.

Amid these class changes, Pathfinder was a Legend specifically mentioned as one who's in line for a rework. That's been a long time coming if it's true with one of the running jokes in the Apex community being that Pathfinder has no passive given that all Recon Legends have the ability to use Survey Beacons. Pathfinder has the unique ability to reset and lower his Ultimate ability's cooldown by interacting with these Survey Beacons, but that's hardly the passive many Apex players would like him to have.

None of this is confirmed at this time, however, so everything discussed is strictly in leak territory right now. The current season still has a fair bit of time left in it, and there's no guarantee these leaked reworks will happen in the upcoming season, so don't expect to hear anything official about it for a while.

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It's not confirms yet but that is coool if it is true and apex is alright not bad a game but not my favorite


need to rework it for the trash


I think the game is cool but there's just somthing I don't like about it and I suckk lol

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