God of War Ragnarok gets New Game Plus in spring 2023

The God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus update is set to arrive in spring 2023, as the devs have now confirmed.

"We know many of you have been asking," Santa Monica Studio says in a tweet. "so we’re happy to confirm that New Game Plus will be coming to God of War Ragnarok in spring 2023! We’ll share more details once we get closer to the release!" There's no more information on the mode right now, but the devs did at least provide an absolutely top Tyr gif.

The previous God of War similarly got a New Game Plus mode a few months after launch. In that game, NG+ allows you to start a new game with all your equipment, abilities, and weapons intact - yes, even the big ol' [spoilers] that Kratos picks up as part of the story near the end. It also added a new resource to collect called skap slag, which you could use to craft even better gear on the new playthrough - important, since the enemies were given new attack patterns and behaviors, too.

Launching New Game Plus mode a few months after a game's release has been pretty common for first-party PlayStation games in recent years - God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon Forbidden West all followed the same pattern.

It's been a big few months for God of War - even beyond the launch of Ragnarok, we saw the official announcement of the God of War TV series coming to Amazon. It looks like we're going to have plenty of reasons to keep spending time with Kratos well into 2023.

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I was wonering if they were going to do a New Game Plus, because it certainly was a must


At least they finally have a release timeframe in 2023


This game is beyond sick they did so good on it.

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