DualSense Edge PS5 Controller Will Have Shorter Battery Life

The DualSense Edge controller for PS5 will have a moderately shorter battle life than the standard DualSense controller. Sony officially unveiled the DualSense Edge at Gamescom 2022, confirming that it’s a pro controller with a bunch of extra features.

The standard DualSense controller has a few exciting additions that separate it from the rest of the market. Most notably, it comes with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that have a noticeable impact on the gameplay experience. Many games have adopted these features since PS5’s launch, and it looks like developers will continue to incorporate them in the future. However, the DualSense controller’s battery life is not that great, and Sony has bad news for fans who were perhaps looking for an upgrade in this department with the release of the DualSense Edge.

In a statement to The Verge, Sony confirms that the battery life of the DualSense Edge is "moderately shorter" than that of the original PS5 controller. Sony mentions that this is due to the DualSense Edge having more features within the same form factor, as the company wanted to achieve a good balance between battery and high performance. The statement also makes note of the longer USB cable for gamers wanting to play with a wired connection.

As per The Verge, Sony started working on a high-performance premium controller in late 2018. It also held over 100 gameplay sessions with pro gamers for research purposes, before challenging itself to make a premium controller in the same form factor as the original DualSense.

PlayStation controllers in the past have suffered from a relatively poor battery life, and this is true for the DualSense as well. While its battery seems better than that of the DualShock 4, it’s not as good as its nearest competitors from Nintendo and Microsoft. In the case of the DualSense, the battery life also seems to be dependent upon how often players use haptic feedback and adaptive triggers during gameplay. For example, it might drain faster when playing Astro's Playroom due to it constantly utilizing these features.

Sony recently confirmed that the DualSense Edge controller will retail for $199.99, with the parts and accessories included in this price. It costs slightly more than the Xbox Elite controller, which sells for $179.99. Microsoft also launched a cheaper version of the Elite controller called Elite Core for $129.99, but it doesn’t come with the set of accessories, requiring users to purchase a Complete Component Pack for $59.99.

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but I'm sure it will still last for years though


Aw man that's it good I feel it ain't that long as it is already lol.

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