Soulslike RPG Lies Of P On PS4, PS5 Shines In Action-Packed Trailer

Developer Round 8 Studio has published a brand new Lies of P gameplay trailer for your viewing pleasure, which offers a look at plenty of environments and action-packed combat in the upcoming Soulslike-RPG.

Lies of P is currently on track for a 2023 release on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The game plucks inspiration from the classic tale of Pinocchio, and reimagines it as a dark tale set in the fallen city of Krat, as our mechanical hero fights to become a real human.

The city itself was inspired by the Bella Epoque Era in Europe during the late 19th century — early 20th century, and is packed full of interconnected procedural quests that play out different depending on how you lie. Your choices will have a direct affect on the game’s ending, so every decision counts.

As Pinocchio is a doll, you can change parts of his body to obtain new skills to help you in battle, as well as combine weapons to create new for your arsenal.

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game looks really good

Hope it's a success when it's released


Sweet cuz we don't get a lot of good story or solo games anymore

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