Former God of War Producer Joins Nintendo of America

The Switch years have seen Nintendo taking considerable steps towards repairing relationships with third party developers and publishers that had been fractured for years until the system’s launch, and the results have been clear to see for everyone, even if it still doesn’t match the support that PlayStation and Xbox get (though a lot of that might be down to hardware capabilities). Thankfully, it seems like Nintendo has every intention to keep that going in the years ahead as well.

Or, well, that’s certainly what the company’s newest recruitment activity would suggest. Hannah Foell – who served as a gameplay producer on God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok at SIE Santa Monica over a period of more than six years – recently took to Twitter and announced a change in employment, revealing that she has joined Nintendo of America’s third party team.

Foell says she and the team will “drive developer and publisher relationships” and work with “AAA developers to put exciting new experiences in players hands”.

Exactly what shape this will take remains to be seen, but as is to be expected of such roles, we wouldn’t expect to see the fruits of the labour here in the short-term. Hopefully, with rumours circling that Nintendo is gearing up for a Nintendo Switch successor in the relatively near future, the company is looking to secure even better third party support for the system.

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I'm sure she will do an excellen job and make Ninetendo more amazing


Good for Nintendo not a fan though the GameCube was amazing

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