The Game Awards 2022 Hits 103 Million Livestreams

The Game Awards 2022 set a new viewership record with 103 million livestreams. It’s the most-watched show in the event’s history, according to creator Geoff Keighley on Twitter. By comparison, last year’s show had 85 million livestreams.

Other interesting figures include over 11.5 million views of the livestream on Twitter and a 28 percent increase in conversation volume year-on-year. The number of unique authors is up by 33 percent, while #TheGameAwards saw a 31 percent increase in usage. Of course, the show also trended #1 worldwide and was included in the top 5 worldwide trends.

Steam numbers were also good, thanks in no small part to the Steam Deck giveaway. Over 9.5 million unique users view the stream on the platform, with a peak concurrent audience of over 850,000. While next year’s show hasn’t been confirmed yet, Keighley announced that the Summer Game Fest would return on June 8th, 2023. Stay tuned for all the news and world premieres by then.

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great news for them hitting so much viewers


damn thats alot of people haha, if they can keep it going like this thats fire


That's a lot of view they got for the Games Awards - wait until summer fest and see how many views they get tooo


Damn that's insane. That's pry a record for them.

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