PS5 Detachable Disc Drive Test Kit Reportedly ‘Works Flawlessly’

Leaker Tom Henderson has reported that the long-rumored PS5 console with detachable disc drive has found its way into developer hands, and what’s more, it “works flawlessly.:

Henderson previously reported on Insider-Gaming that PS5 is set to receive a revamp in September 2023, which will replace the A, B and C chassis that have been produced since Sony launched the console back in 2020. This new D chassis will reportedly feature a detachable disc drive which can be connected to the machine via an extra USB-C port on the back of the PS5.

Sony is reportedly planning to sell this new PS5 console on its own or bundled with the detachable disc drive. The disc drive itself will also be available to purchase separately in case you current one breaks for whatever reason.

The PS5 launched in November 2020 in the US, UK, Europe and other major markets, and has shipped 25 million units worldwide.

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This is the ps5 I will be getting


Besides the slow navigation I have no problems with my ps5 at all lol.

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