Nintendo confirms Mario Strikers’ next DLC is its ‘final free update’

The third Mario Strikers: Battle League DLC will be released this week and is the game’s “final free update”, Nintendo has said.

The update will feature Bowser Jr., Birdo, and a new arena, as well as some new gear items. The update arrives on Tuesday, December 13.

Previously, Nintendo said that it had three free Mario Strikers updates planned “before the end of 2022”, but wasn’t clear if this would be the limit of its post-release plans.

While Nintendo has said that this will be the final free update to the game, that does potentially leave room for a paid expansion in the future.

This week’s update will include the Shellfish gear, which once equipped, can make players faster. The Urban Rooftop stadium, which players can use in all game modes, will also be included as part of the free update.

Battle League is the third entry in the Mario Strikers series, following Mario Smash Football (aka Super Mario Strikers) on GameCube and Mario Strikers Charged on Wii.

Like its predecessors, Battle League focuses on 5v5 arcade-style football action, with no fouls and the ability to use items.

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always great to see fre updates, especially when it's a DLC


Hey can't be mad over any free updates or dlc stuff

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