Baldur's Gate 3 leaves Steam Early Access in August 2023

A release window for Baldur's Gate 3 was announced by Larian Studios tonight during The Game Awards 2022.

Alongside the August release window, a new trailer was released, showing cinematics, gameplay, and a first look at two familiar, legendary faces: Minsc and Jaheira.

The video also gives the first look at the game’s namesake, and one of the most prosperous and influential cities of Faerun.

Larian also announced the Collector’s Edition for the game, and pre-orders are live. It will run you €259.99 / $269.99 and is limited to 25,000 units worldwide. The first 15,000 orders will also include three Magic: The Gathering booster packs.

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geez, that game is very expensive

Just hope it's worth the cash


That's still a while away though fr.


I can't believe how much money it is tho

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