Apex Legends Leak Says a Hardcore Mode Is Coming

Apex Legends may be getting a "Hardcore" mode in the future, according to recent leaks. Information shared online ahead of any official announcement Respawn Entertainment may have planned suggests that this Hardcore mode will be introduced early on in January complete with the usual characteristics of a mode of that type including more damage taken from bullets and a reduced HUD. Neither Respawn nor Electronic Arts have confirmed any plans to add such a mode at this time, however.

Apex insider Thordan Smash shared news of the supposed Hardcore mode on social media this week to offer a breakdown of what it'd supposedly include. These leaks suggest that a Hardcore mode in Apex would feature no HUD with only White Evo Shields for players to use instead of the upgraded versions. Healing items would similarly be reduced as would the appearance of gold items save for Hop-Ups, and bullets will naturally deal more damage.

A video from the same leaker shared more insights into the rumored plans for the Hardcore mode. Respawn is said to be planning to release the mode in the 15.1 Update which Thordan says will release on January 10th, though this leak comes with the usual disclaimer of "dates can always change."

While Apex has had a run recently of game modes that feature respawns and different objectives, this new Hardcore mode is supposedly going to be a battle royale variant, so it seems like the last-team-standing objective will remain the same albeit with the Hardcore twist.

Respawn again has not said anything about this mode, so for now, players have only the current limited-time mode to enjoy until the next thing is announced. That mode that's live in the game now, Winter Express, is part of the Wintertide event and tasks players with taking control of the train moving around World's Edge.

Players also recently caught wind of what appeared to be a new or at least unreleased weapon in Apex that was spotted within some concept artwork, though like the Hardcore mode, nothing official has been said about that weapon idea.

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certainly would be decent if they're releasing it


Actually sounds decent if it's true


I haven't played in a long time but that's cool they will be releasing eventually a new weapon and mode maybe I'll play when it comes out


I don't play apex but this is going to be sweaty I think.

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