Hades 2 Announced, Early Access News Coming in 2023

Supergiant Games was the first major reveal of The Game Awards 2022 main show, and it announced Hades 2. Yes, the follow-up to its critically-acclaimed rogue-lite. Check out the announcement trailer below, which features the Princess of the Underworld as the main character.

The gameplay is very much like the original – a top-down, isometric hack-and-slash rogue-lite. The new character wields dual daggers but can earn different upgrades and blessings from mythological figures like Apollo, Nemesis and more. Kronos seems to be the main antagonist, and Hades appears to be in chains (though it may be a grown-up Zagreus). It appears to be a quick, responsive, and gorgeous experience like its predecessor.

Hades 2 will enter early access and more details are coming in 2023, so stay tuned for more.

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Love to see a gameplay trailer in early 2023


Haven't seen stuff for n this one yet but I've watched vids on the first.

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