Warzone 2 Will Get Its Own Rebirth Island According To Leaked Map

Warzone 2 launched last month and even though a slimmed-down version of the original has now relaunched, the OG game has been pretty much left in the past. That doesn't mean players have forgotten it though as rumors the sequel will be getting a Rebirth Island of its own have got social media buzzing.

As reported by Insider Gaming, a leaked image of a map named Return has been doing the rounds on social media. Much like the original Warzone's Rebirth, Return is much smaller and will likely play host to Resurgence, Ground War, and DMZ modes. While there has been no confirmation the map is real, unofficial or otherwise, Activision has been issuing DMCA takedowns which suggests Return is something the studio doesn't want people to see yet.

Despite Activision's efforts to limit the number of people who see the new island, the image below shows what it might look like if it does turn out to be real. Far smaller than Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, even if DMZ matches do take place there, there will be no more than 66 players on Return at a time. Makes sense as 150 people on that tiny island all at one time would make for a chaotic start to its matches.

Players of the original Warzone will know it took a while for Rebirth to be added to the game. That's largely due to it being such new territory for the Call of Duty series. It makes sense that new modes and maps will be added much faster in Warzone 2. As for the island itself, there's a chance it already exists if the leaks are real. You may have noticed an unreachable island off the coast of Al Mazrah, one that looks suspiciously like the leaked image above.

Warzone players already have an alternative option if Al Mazrah isn't what they're looking for in a Call of Duty battle royale. As touched upon above, a stripped-down version of the first game relaunched last week. As for Warzone studio Activision, an investigation last year alleging a toxic work environment behind the scenes has resulted in a number of lawsuits being brought against it.

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Source: https://www.thegamer.com/warzone-2-rebirth-island-leaked-map/


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that is great news, it certainly needs it


Hell ya I can't wait I like wz but rebirth is way better

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