The Callisto Protocol Ray Tracing Problems To Be "Addressed"

Striking Distance Studios recently shared a new tweet, revealing that the team is aware of the issues with the ray-traced reflections in The Callisto Protocol, and it will have more information to share about this problem later this week.

The Callisto Protocol recently launched to mixed reviews from the community and the media, however, a significant part of the negative reviews on the community side relates to the game's poor technical performance. Most PC gamers decided to review-bomb the game on Steam as it runs with constant stutters and frame drops on PC, making the entire experience anything but enjoyable for the fans.

Both PC and console versions of The Callisto Protocol have already received a patch, which fixes a small portion of the problems, however, the technical performance of the game is still away from its ideal point, especially on PC.

Glen Schofield, head of the studio and the director behind The Callisto Protocol confirmed in a tweet that he hears fans, and he will make sure everyone will experience the game the way they should without significant technical problems.

Regarding the fact that The Callisto Protocol will have long-term content support with story-driven expansions coming in the future, the developers are committed to fixing the issues as soon as possible. Knowing that Dead Space Remake will arrive later next month, Striking Distance needs to be quick on fixes before the horror fans decide to skip it for EA Motive's upcoming remake of Dead Space.

The current patch for The Callisto Protocols reduces gameplay stutters that were caused by shader compilation in the game. The developer claims that you may only face stutters in the main menu of the game after launching it with the new patch. However, there will be more updates to further optimize the technical performance.

The Callisto Protocol is using Denuvo anti-tamper on PC, and some players blame Denuvo for the poor performance of the game, but it remains unknown whether the studio would eventually remove the infamous anti-tamper from the PC version of the game or not. Previously, Gotham Knights removed Denuvo a few days after launch to improve performance on PC.

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such a shame they're still having issues, especially ray tracing


Seems like this game had a few problems at launch.

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