Warframe Gets Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Developer Digital Extremes has announced that free-to-play MMORPG Warframe now has cross-platform multiplayer on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made on Twitter alongside a small new trailer. Check it out below.

While cross-platform multiplayer is now available, the studio has also stated that Warframe will also get cross-save in the future, which will essentially allow players to pick up and continue their progress on any version of the game.

The studio had revealed that cross-platform multiplayer would be coming to the game quite a while ago, with the most recent TennoCon from July being the last time the studio mentioned that it has been working on the feature.

Digital Extremes has also stated that it has been working on a smartphone version of Warframe, and earlier this year, unveiled new game Soulframe.

Currently, Digital Extremes hasn’t really revealed any details about Soulframe, as the game is quite likely in deep development. We can, however, expect there to be a lengthy beta period with extensive community feedback.

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These type of MP games should always be cross-platform


I agree with runts as it should be multiplayer


That's good all games now a days should be.

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