Netflix Aims To Be 'Big Leader' In Video Games

It's not some sort of side quest. Netflix is taking gaming seriously, according to Vox. Reed Hastings, the streaming service's co-founder and co-CEO, spoke at the New York Times Dealbook conference today and reinforced the company's expansion into video games.

Hastings apparently was asked about Netflix looking into live sports. He replied, "Talk to us after we're a big leader in games. We have a lot of investment to do in games."

Netflix has been making all sorts of moves in the gaming space recently. The streaming service is hiring for a "brand-new AAA PC game," for instance. That's on top of building a new studio from scratch in Finland. And the company has even teased rolling out a gaming streaming service.

As of October, Netflix has 55 games in development. Add in a strong collection of titles available now, Netflix is suddenly great at games.

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They are trying all different avenues to try make more revenue.. lmao like the rhyming wasn't even trying


more like "Big failure" in video games when they do release them


They have 55 games in development? Lord...
They haven't released anything yet right?


Yeah that is a big joke lmao

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