Xbox Live Users Could Be Suspended For Uploading Emulated Screenshots

If you're a fan of Xbox, emulation, and enjoy uploading your own screenshots and videos to Xbox Live, you may want to stop what you're doing right now otherwise you might get a hefty punishment from Microsoft. That's according to the Emulation discord channel anyway, which reveals a screenshot of an email from Microsoft telling someone that their Xbox account was been temporarily suspended due to their use of an emulator to upload images and video to Xbox Live.

"Hello valued Xbox customer," reads the email. "Thankyou for utilizing our Case Review appeals system to learn more about this account's suspension. The account was temporarily suspended for using an emulator to upload untrusted images and video on Xbox Live." The email goes on to remind the user of the Microsoft Store policies and claims using unauthorized software to upload content "risks the integrity and security" of the service.

A moderator for the Discord channel - Vaporeon13 - clarifies that the account was only suspended and not banned, although mutliple suspensions may eventually lead to that. They recommend that users worried about getting banned when using emulators disable auto-uploads to prevent screenshots and video being unwillingly uploaded to Xbox Live. They also recommend you use alternate accounts if you're going to mess about with emulation in the first place. Good advice all around really.

In other Microsoft-related news, it turns out that both it and Bethesda may actually have a rough release window for The Elder Scrolls VI, and that the UK Government know that potential date too. Microsoft's arguments regarding its planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard were made public earler this month, in which it talks about The Elder Scrolls VI.

The document also mentions a potential release year, although it's been redacted for privacy reasons. Someone had to do the redacting of course, so it's possible there's a few people in the UK Government that actually know the vague release year for one of the biggest games ever. Lucky so and so.

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not allowed to do this, not allowed to do that

ffs, the world is getting worse


Foam So we can't upload custom pictures for our pfp anymore? Or did i read it wrong lol

Not custom profile pictures, its custom videos. Like guys who would upload cringe AMV's over Naruto fights

I guess the 18+ bots are uploading emulated videos of 18+ videos and kids are running into them.


So we can't upload custom pictures for our pfp anymore? Or did i read it wrong lol


Yeah it's MS lol isn't surprising at all

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