Portal RTX Remaster Gets Steam Release Date

Valve's upgraded version of the classic puzzle game Portal now has an official release date. Earlier this year, Valve announced that it was partnering with NVIDIA to add RTX support to Portal, which essentially makes this a new remaster of the 2007 title. And while it wasn't previously known when this improved edition of the game would be rolling out, we now know that the update is set to drop in just a few short days.

Announced alongside a new trailer, NVIDIA confirmed today that Portal with RTX is set to launch next week on December 8th. For those unaware, this RTX version of Portal will be released as a free update to anyone who already owns the game via Steam. As such, the value proposition here is pretty remarkable, especially for a game that is over 15 years old.

Perhaps the best thing about this release date announcement for Portal with RTX is that the original Portal is still drastically discounted on Steam at the time of this writing. Currently, Portal can be snatched on PC for a mere $0.99. While this deal won't last much longer, if you somehow don't own the game already and are looking to play this new RTX version of Portal in the coming week, you might as well pick it up now.

Are you going to look to play Portal with RTX for yourself when it arrives on Steam? And what do you think about the graphical upgrades based on what we've seen so far?

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Steam doing well building up their game library content


Steam Continue's to grow whahaha. Its Masive!


Steam grabbing all the games up lol.

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