Victoria 3 sales hit half a million in its first month

Paradox Development Studios has announced that its newest grand strategy game Victoria 3 has sold more than 500,000 units in its first month since launch, making it one of the company’s most successful launches ever.

Victoria 3 is an update to what is arguably one of Paradox’s more fussy game series, and the latest version retains much of its complexity while simultaneously making its combined economic, political, and military systems much more approachable than they’ve been in the past, as we note in our Victoria 3 review.

Paradox says that during Victoria 3’s first month, players have put in a combined 14.6 million hours into the game – which works out to be about 1,669 years. Players have built a total of 126,263 Suez Canals, formed 380,335 countries, researched 187 million new technologies, and built 45,614 trans-continental railways.

Victoria 3 patch 1.1 addressed one of the issues I complained about in the review, adding new ways to find information on your individual pops. There’s more to come, and Paradox has published a Victoria 3 post-launch roadmap that describes the studio’s plans for improving some more in-game systems in the coming months.

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Not interested in this type of game

But congrats for hitting half million on first month


What even is this game. Its not advertised anywere


Never even seen or heard of this game fr.


I haven't seen or heard anything about this game..

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