Criterion Games Confirms No Burnout Games Are in Development

A recent update from Criterion Games has confirmed that the developer currently does not have any plans to return to its popular Burnout franchise. While the studio has become more known in recent years for its work on Need for Speed and Battlefield, the over-the-top franchise was once a staple of racing games throughout the sixth and seventh console generations. The series has since been dormant for quite some time with the last major entry coming over a decade ago. Now, it looks like the long-awaited return of the series won't be anytime soon.

Despite the series' former popularity, Burnout has fallen mostly quiet over the past decade. The last new Burnout game to launch came with Burnout Crash!, a top-down game focusing on the crash aspect of the series on PS3 and Xbox 360, later releasing for iOS. Burnout Paradise would receive a remastered version in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with a Switch version launching in 2020. However, fans waiting for a new Burnout game won't be seeing one in the near future, according to Criterion.

During a recent interview with Eurogamer, Need for Speed Unbound creative director Kieran Crimmins spoke on the future of Burnout. Crimmins confirmed that Criterion Games currently has no plans to return to the franchise at the moment, stating a new Burnout is "not the next game they're working on." However, Crimmins did express interest in making a new title, claiming that the studio holds "the most passion" for Need for Speed and Burnout. Criterion is set to launch Need for Speed Unbound later this week on December 2.

While Crimmins discussed the potential of a Burnout revival, much of the interview with Eurogamer pertained to the studio's upcoming Need for Speed Unbound. Criterion has already given fans plenty of reason to be excited for the return of the Need for Speed franchise, showing off plenty of game modes set to feature in Need for Speed Unbound. Unbound is set to be a major return for the studio with Criterion's last Need for Speed coming with 2013's Need for Speed Rivals alongside Ghost Games, who would take over development of the series.

Burnout may not be slated for a revival in the near future, but recent years have seen renewed interest in the fast-paced action racing franchise. A survey from Sony last year was gauging interest about a potential Burnout return following the release of Burnout Paradise Remastered on Switch in 2020. Despite the franchise's absence in recent years, many fans still hold the original games in high regard among racing titles. While Criterion may not be working on a revival yet, both fans and the studio itself have shown they want one.

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"the developer currently does not have any plans to return to its popular Burnout franchise"

please, do not come back to it at all


I have never liked racing games actually. Cant shoot at people


Good we're getting to many crappy car/racing games lately

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