UFL's New Dev Diary Focuses On Cutscenes And AI

Strikerz Inc. recently shared a new video on YouTube, detailing the development process of UFL by focusing on three certain aspects that are proven to be important for football (soccer) fans: Cutscenes, AI, and new character skeleton system.

Years after the rivalry of FIFA and PES, UFL wants to become a new choice for football fans who want to experience a multiplayer-focused simulation game without spending $70 every year. There is no doubt that FIFA is currently dominating the football simulation market with almost no real competitor that can get even close to it in the case of massively expensive license deals and gigantic marketing budget.

With a free-to-play approach, UFL can probably gain a significant amount of players if it does what fans want from a football simulation right. In the recent UFL Journey video, the developers explain how they want to make the game stand out from the competitors in certain areas.

The first thing the developers break down is the in-game cutscenes, including the scenes where a player gets substituted, a free kick is given to a team, or even the goal celebrations. These are all examples of in-game cutscenes and Strikerz Inc. wants them all to be as accurate and realistic as possible. The developers explain how difficult it is to implement it into a game and let the computer decide to which camera angle is chosen for every cutscene to bring the best viewpoint for players and looks as realistic as a football broadcast. Some of these cutscene varieties showcased in the video.

Moving over to AI, the developers discussed the obstacles in developing an AI Assist system that controls the footballers in the pitch, which are not manually controlled by the player. This is pretty crucial that a player be able to implement their own play style using the tools provided in the game, which is the main approach for developers, as they claim players can almost customize the AI Assists system to match any play style they want to have in the pitch.

From what we can see in the video, UFL does seem an advanced simulation of football, but it remains unknown how well it would feel after its official launch. You can expect the game to release sometime in 2023.

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Making the football/coccer games looks decent nowadays with their cutscenes etc


This seems pretty interesting


Game shot so good and crazy in time I remember thinking some of the ps2 graphics were insane back then lol

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