Assassin's Creed II Magazine Ad: Best Game Ad Ever?

You've probably seen this by now, but this is the single greatest piece of video game print advertising I have ever seen, and I just had to share it with you. The ad can be found in the latest issue of Game Pro magazine, as well as other publications I'm sure. Seriously, if this doesn't make you want to get your hands on Assassin's Creed II, then you are dead inside.
So here's the first page:

Click Read More to see what happens when you turn the page.


Here's the kicker though. The first page is glued to the second one, so when you turn the page, you actually feel yourself rip off the guy's head, and the whole thing is accompanied by a biologically accurate tearing sound. Turning an advertisement into its own interactive mini-game? Bravo, Ubisoft. Bravo.

Can you think of a game ad that tops this one?

[Via g4tv]



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i think thhat is very smart of them and like it makes you think that ur in the video game at least it did for me


pritty sweet feature. "sounds" good


Nice i love the idea of actually gettin the feeling of killing somebody, and u also dont have to go to jail lol


this was so smart. when i got my magazine i read it and found this advertisement and was like omg this is genius!!!


Haha, good idea for advertising


Yea as xman said very clever. Really catches the eye!


I loved AC1, im definatly going to get number as there are a few things that look VERY intense :D

Here's the question for me though, do I get a Ghetto Controller or AC2 first ? :P

As for the book advertisment thing though, very clever :D


well it gets the point across the the heads


I think it is very clever. People are always thinking of better things to make news more interactive.