Mortal Kombat 12 Roster Teased by Ed Boon

Ed Boon is the co-creator and acting creative director of Mortal Kombat, and he's known to tease fans on Twitter. The latest tease involves the next installment in the series, tentatively dubbed Mortal Kombat 12. Over on Twitter, Boon was recently asked why the recent games don't have many 3D-era characters. And this is a good question. Many assume it's because they are far less popular than their 2D-era counterparts, but this may not be necessarily true.

Responding to this, Boon confirmed that this is something NetherRealm Studios will fix "soon." This means that presumably there will be more 3D-era characters in the next game, which has its own implications. The more obvious implication is that some 2D-era characters will make way for 3D-era characters, but this seems unlikely considering how much more popular the classic characters are. What seems more likely is this means the roster will be further expanded and bigger than Mortal Kombat 11. If this happens, then the game will have an absolutely massive roster, which is great for most players, but not always great for competitive players looking for more of a tight and balanced roster.

When we will hear more? Boon doesn't say. The expectation is that the studio's next game is something Mortal Kombat. If this is the case, expect to hear something about the game as early as next month at The Game Awards. If this doesn't happen, then bank on a 2023 reveal. That said, it's still possible Injustice 3 will be revealed and released first.

This year is the 30-year anniversary of Mortal Kombat so many expect the year to be capped with a major announcement. And that's why so many think the next installment will be revealed at The Game Awards. And as you may remember, the latest installment in the franchise, Mortal Kombat 11, was revealed at The Game Awards.

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Hahaha what contrasting opinions.
I suppose I'll play the Swiss here...


all these games are trash, even the graphics are average


cant wait to see what they do with the next one the last one was awesome

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