New AAA Alien Game Reportedly In Development

Sources have allegedly told Insider Gaming that "a new AAA Alien game is in development," with a planned Holiday 2023 release window. Though little else was relayed about this potential title, it was claimed that its codename is "Marathon, that it's a current-gen only game with a AAA budget, and that it's going to be a survival-horror game, taking "inspiration from franchises including Dead Space and Resident Evil."

Unfortunately, Insider Gaming was unable to verify the developer that is working on this project. The publication also shared that it was told a sequel to the positively-received 2014 title Alien: Isolation is in the works, though the article makes a point to place this "heavily under the rumor category," until more information can be acquired.

The Alien franchise began with the 1979 movie of the same name, which followed the crew of a commercial spaceship finding themselves trapped against a brutally violent alien known as the Xenomorph. The film quickly became a cult classic and the largest modern inspiration of the space horror subgenre. It received various sequels and spinoffs, and eventually, of course, the franchise reached the world of gaming.

Alien: Isolation was one of the most celebrated Alien titles in the franchise's history. Fans praised its deliberate attempt to make the player feel powerless, as it resulted, for many, in genuine tension and fear whenever they had to weave around the Xenomorph. Given the favorable reception, it would be sensible for a sequel to be in the works, however, the development team, Creative Assembly, has been busy since then and is now focused on a multiplayer shooter called Hyenas. So, if the rumor is true, it's likely another team that's working on it.

Regardless, another survival-horror game within the franchise makes sense, especially if it has a AAA budget. Horror games set in space are currently booming, with upcoming titles like The Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space remake being highly anticipated. Currently, the only Alien game confirmed to be in development is a top-down real-time-strategy game called Aliens: Dark Descent, which is set to release in 2023.

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Those alien games always made me shit breaks


I wish we would get more predator and alien games


Well if the game comes out it won't be until some point next year in 2023 for the New AAA ALIEN GAME but wel seee

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