Bayonetta 4 Confirmed by PlatinumGames Boss

PlatinumGames boss and co-founder Hideki Kamiya has casually confirmed that Bayonetta 4 is a game that the studio will be working on in the future. Within the past month, the long-awaited Bayonetta 3 was finally released on Nintendo Switch, and based on the game's ending, many fans assumed that it could be the end of the series. In light of these theories, though, Kamiya took to social media and seemingly revealed that Bayonetta 4 is a title that is already in the works.

In a new message on Twitter, Kamiya informed fans that Bayonetta 3 isn't planned to be the end of the action franchise. Although he didn't state much about the next game in the series, Kamiya blatantly referred to a future installment as "Bayo 4" and indicated that this title was already being conceptualized with the end of the third installment in mind. Furthermore, Kamiya wanted to make clear that Bayonetta 4 was always in the cards and wasn't something that was being created as an "afterthought."

"I didn't think it was unexpected at all, but it seems that the ending of [Bayonetta 3] wasn't conveyed correctly to everyone, so I think [Bayonetta 4] will be an unexpected development for everyone," Kamiya stated on Twitter. "After all, when Bayo 4 comes out, I'm sure there will be people who say, 'You added that as an afterthought,' so I'll say it now."

At this point in time, the biggest question associated with Bayonetta 4 would be when it launches. The gap between Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta 3 ended up being over eight years, which suggests that the fourth entry could be pretty far away. Then again, the fact that Kamiya is already referring to the next game in the series could tell us that it's actually closer than anticipated. Only time will tell what ends up happening, but either way, it's encouraging to hear that Bayonetta will be back in some capacity before long.

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Geez a 4th one in the works already?

They seriously are upping their game


Bayonetta 4 is not my style either lololol


This don't look like a game I would like lol

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