Lies of P Is Close To Completion, Says Game Director

Lies of P is an upcoming souls-like third-person action game, and though its current release window is slated as simply 2023, the game's director has claimed, in a roughly translated interview, that development for the title is mostly finished.

Game Director Choi Ji-Won recently sat down with Japanese publication 4Gamer, during Korean gaming convention G-Star 2022, to discuss the upcoming title. When asked how far along was the game's development, Ji-Won explained that, back in August, he'd said Lies of P was about 70% completed. Since then, however, the team has advanced quite a lot, as he now seems to have claimed that most of the game is finished, and what they're working on currently is simply polishing and perfecting, fixing bugs, and making final adjustments.

Lies of P was a welcome surprise to the western gaming audience once gameplay videos began making the rounds online, and people learned about its unique inspiration. It is based, oddly enough, on the iconic fairy tale of Pinocchio, but clearly a much darker version of it. Gamers were intrigued by such a unique concept's potential, and also due to its visual similarities to smash-hit PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne.

However, Ji-Won made it apparent in this interview that he believes Lies of P's visual inspiration is unique in the gaming space. He seemed to claim that no other game has been set in the dark atmosphere of the "Belle Epoque" era, this being a term used to refer to a particularly prosperous time in French history, which began in the late 1800s and ended in the early 1900s.

The motivation behind basing this game on a familiar story like Pinocchio was partly to make it more appealing, Ji-Won confirmed. He appeared to say that he'd thought borrowing familiar story concepts was a good strategy to raise awareness for this title, given that it was the first souls-like game the team at Neowiz had ever made.

He revealed that this is also the reason why the game doesn't have any multiplayer functionality, as he wanted to focus purely on single-player design since this was his first attempt at the genre. Ji-Won went to reveal that the reason the game will have specifically three endings is because each ending will confront some truth that is, as the translation reads, "hidden behind the mastermind."

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looks pretty interesting with the era they went for


Haven't heard of it but looks okay


I can't wait for Lies of P to be out especially since the era they went with for the game


game looks pretty interesting like the era they chose for it i don't know if you ask me definitely worth keeping an eye on

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