MW2 player hits max level in under 24 hours with zero kills

One Modern Warfare 2 player has managed to reach max level in under 24 hours of gameplay time - all without making a single kill.

This player goes by the appropriate name of ThatFriendlyGuy, and he's been pursuing pacifist wins in Escape from Tarkov for some time before taking on this Call of Duty challenge. It turns out that it's not all that stressful to have success as a kill-free Modern Warfare 2 player if you just play the darn objective.

ThatFriendlyGuy largely focused on objective-based modes like Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed. The pacifist path to the max level of 55 basically consists of getting assists and aiding in objective captures. Shoot down UAVs, tag enemies for your teammates to take out, and plop down a riot shield to defend objectives.

You can see a whole lot more in the video below (via Eurogamer, but ThatFriendlyGuy notes that by the time he unlocked everything for the ideal pacifist loadout, he was routinely finishing games in the top three for his team, and completed the challenge with a 1.4 win ratio.

With 23 hours and 25 minutes on the clock, 138 games played, and a K/D ratio of, er, zero, it's an impressive feat, and in a Reddit post on the accomplishment, ThatFriendlyGuy speculates that this "genuinely could be a faster way than leveling for your average joe playing the game".

We've seen a pacifist run through GTA 5 and a no-attack playthrough of Elden Ring, but pacifist runs are much less common in multiplayer games - largely because you'd think all your teammates would hate you if you never killed the enemy team. But ThatFriendlyGuy's success in COD has me wondering what multiplayer might look like if we could find a player who both kills enemies and plays the objective. Hm. We may never know.

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Wow!! third place on the winning side with no kills


I have never seeeeen him before either hahahaha


whaha thats so funny! never seen him before


that's insane lol why would you wanna do this


Hes a pretty cool streamer. Ive always watched him.


this is a joke can't believe this kid actually sat there with no kills that's wild


This is not an achievement whatsoever. Compensating and classing it as cool cause he's evidently a bad player.


How lol dang I need to find some of these xp glitches or methods lol


Ugly K/D ratio and not really anything to brag about... at all.

He was doing DMZ exploit 3 objective cap restart and Special Ops Co-Op revive method before it was patched. It's easy to setup a macro to hold X with medic equipped on dead zone with guest on Special Ops until you are max level. There is no inactivity timer in that mode. He did this for over a week straight if you do some research of people associated with him

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