Hit PC survival game Raft is coming to consoles

Mega-hit PC survival game Raft is making its way to consoles.

Developer Redbeet Interactive announced the console port for Raft earlier this month. "We can finally announce that we are actively working on getting Raft onto consoles!" a blog post(opens in new tab) on Steam from the development team reads of the news.

Redbeet goes on to write that it's striving to launch Raft on "as many platforms as possible." However, due to the development team having the goal of making Raft's consoles ports on par with the PC version, it's going to take a bit of time yet before a release window can be announced.

If you're unfamiliar with Raft, the survival game spent a whole four years in early access on PC, before finally launching in full earlier this year in June. The game was an immediate hit, going on to sail over 100,000 concurrent players around the world later that same month.

Things have actually been pretty quiet for Raft since full launch in June. The development team at Redbeet hasn't made any significant announcements, until now, forgoing adding any major new content to the game since 1.0 launch. Raft's last update came all the way back in early July, and simply provided a few small fixes for ongoing bugs.

Considering Redbeet is clearly going all-in on bringing Raft to as many platforms as possible, perhaps it shouldn't' be a surprise that things have been quite on the development side for months now.

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Stranded Deep was boring most of the time, and you got to go to different islands etc

But with this game, Raft, you seem to be stuck on the Raft ALL of the time.... boring!!


wouldn't have to much fun with this to boring for me


I'll be honest, while I was playing this on PC, it got really boring really quick.


I know some people who love this game it don't look fun at all to me though.

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