God of War Ragnarok deep dive video covers character

Sony has released the third entry in a nine-part series of God of War Ragnarök behind-the-scenes videos.

While the first video focused on shaping the game’s story and the second one on the game’s combat and enemies, the third video covers the creature and character design process.

Viewable above, it features insight from Ragnarök art director Raf Grassetti, character technical artist Marisa Kaupert, senior character artist Angela Rico and lead character concept artist Dela Longfish.

While 2018’s God of War included six of the nine realms in Norse mythology, Ragnarök will let players visit them all, and the new video has a particular focus on the inhabitants of Svartalfheim, the land of the dwarves and home to the Huldra brothers, Brok and Sindri.

“One thing that our hope is with the cast of characters within every realm is not that it’s just enemies there to kill you,” said Longfish. “We want it to feel believable and that there’s a wide world out there.

“We want to plant these seeds within any cast of the realm that there’s more outside of what you’re playing. We want the fans to feel like they can go back and really visit those areas and want to go explore it.”

The God of War Ragnarök release date is November 9, but the game is reportedly being sold early at some retailers, leading to significant story spoilers appearing online.

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This game will wreck the ass off MW2

MW2 is shit, GOW: Ragnarok is going to be GOTY


This game and mw2 for sure the game of the year lol

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