Lil' Wayne apparently has a modded Xbox


It must be great to be a celebrity. Take rapper Lil' Wayne for example. In a GTR video clip, he tells about an Xbox he received from a friend that plays "every game from A-Z, Atari, Nintendo, pong, movies & even porn." Can you imagine? We didn't even know Microsoft made an Xbox like that, and here celebrities are getting them as gifts. ... What's that? ... It's a modded Xbox? Oh come on, now you're just being naive.
Kidding aside, you can say what you will about our close personal friend Soulja Boy, but at least he pays for his games before he totally misunderstands them to be about drugs and alcohol. Via Joystiq



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He can watch porn? ohh wow so his friends on xbl will look at his profile;

"oh whats he up to, oh whats this? black chick gets harsh banging up the wall"

"niceeeeeeeee" lmao


a xbox that can play PONG ! he's one lucky ganstaaaaaa


Lil wayne is one of my favorite rappers. I doubt its a new console that has everything prodigy. On the regular xboxs i could do that and i could burn any game i wanted to on it. And he is definetly bustin god mode hes lil wayne no one can stop him.


lol him doing god mode would be hilarious.


well the richer get richer and poorer get poorer


@TTG Sean, theres no way someone could have stolen from him and live to tell the story ha, look at him and tell me you dont see his inner killer


Wow. He is lucky. But i bet he be on God Mode and not getting caught!


@LastPr0digy if it was someone would have robbed him by now :P he can wish


its not moded it could be the next console, that involves playstation, xbox, nintendo in an atari console, he just got the first one


I believe someone made a topic with a lot of celeb's gamertags. Not sure where I saw it but almost positive it exists. His gt is probably posted there along with a lot of other famous celeb's gamertags.