Banned Steam Game Releases After Valve Reverses Decision

Steam users who weren't to happy about Spike Chunsoft's Chaos;Head Noah getting banned from the platform will be happy to hear that the game's release is back on track now after Valve elected to reverse its initial decision. The publisher announced the surprising turnaround for the game this weekend, an announcement that couldn't have come at a better time considering how the game was originally scheduled to release on October 7th.

Chaos;Head Noah, for those who weren't caught up on the controversy, contains violent and occasionally suggestive scenes featuring characters who are largely housed within a school setting. As such, it appeared to have set off alarms when reviewed by Valve's content management teams. It wasn't outright banned from ever releasing on Steam, but changes would've been required in order to make its contents agreeable for the platform. Spike Chunsoft elected not to make these changes while saying that doing so would make Chaos;Head Noah fall beneath the publisher's standards.

People fond of the series weren't too happy with that outcome, and many pointed out how inconsistent Steam's content policies appeared to be at times and suggested this game was being disproportionately targeted. Whether that outcry had an effect on matters isn't known, but Spike Chunsoft said that Valve did eventually reverse the decision.

"Valve's content review team, the group that made the original decision, has re-examined CHAOS;HEAD NOAH and decided to reverse course and allow the game to ship on Steam, as is," the publisher said. "We've also examined the process that led to the previous decision about CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, and made some changes to avoid situations like this in the future."

If you ask Spike Chunsoft, however, the publisher says the response from fans was certainly a factor. The publisher closed out its statement about the release of Chaos;Head Noah by saying it believes the reversal was "the result of the unwavering support from fans of the Science Adventure Series as well as all of the players who are eagerly awaiting the release of this title."

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Glad Steam has reversed their decision


yeah they dont wanna lose out on any money or sales

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