Hitman Team Already Seeking New Outlet After Stadia Shutdown

The sudden announcement of Google Stadia's upcoming shutdown in January came as a shock to many, but the publisher/developer behind the Hitman series, which has some of its games hosted by the platform, is already looking for a new outlet to serve its fan base.

IO Interactive took to Twitter on Friday to offer some reassurance to its Stadia Players. "We hear you - we are looking into ways for you to continue your HITMAN experience on other platforms," the company's tweet reads. IO Interactive had been partnering with Stadia to offer its World of Assassination Trilogy since September 2020, when the first game in the series hit the service for free along with access to Hitman 2. Hitman 3 followed shortly thereafter, coming out on Stadia during the game's launch in January 2021. IO Interactive had even hyped up the trilogy's Stadia release by adding a few exclusive items and skins not found in other versions of the games, including the Stadia Suit.

While Google has officially stated its commitment to refund purchases made over Stadia prior to its planned shutdown date of January 18, 2023, multiple Hitman fans responding to the Twitter announcement were lamenting the eventual loss of all the in-game progress they had achieved. IO Interactive has not issued a response to these specific concerns. However, at this time, their games do not support cross-platform save data, meaning progress and achievements earned on one platform or console cannot be carried over to another.

The Hitman series made its first appearance in 2000 with Hitman: Agent 47. Four sequels followed between 2002 and 2012, all developed by IO Interactive and published by either Eidos Interactive or Square Enix. The World of Assassination Trilogy, which kicked off in 2016, is a revamp of the series, and players had been able to carry over save data with each new installment in the trilogy.

Interestingly, the trilogy has also been available on Xbox Game Pass since January of this year.

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They seriously need to get a new outlest ASAP


At least they're looking for a new outlet.


These games haven't been fun on any nex gen

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