Modern Warfare 3 DLC's final assault on Xbox 360 next week

On September 5, Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers on Xbox 360 will get their final three maps for Modern Warfare 3: Gulch, Boardwalk and Paris. If you're not a premium member of Activision's DLC delivery service, you can get these three new maps and two previously released stomping grounds – Parish and Decommission – in Content Collection #4 for 1200 Microsoft Points ($14.99). This is the final map pack for Modern Warfare 3.

Elite premium members on PS3 also get some new content next week on September 6, namely a pair of Special Ops maps – Light 'Em Up and Special Delivery – and the new Special Ops Chaos Mode, a wave-based variant on Modern Warfare 3's vanilla Survival mode.




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Gulch reminds me of TF2 so much.


there all reported for boosting!


-Maury- These will be the BEST maps on MW3 when they are released.

You never know...


gulch looks pretty fun


Can't wait to get it!


good this game blows anyway black ops all day.


They don't add anything special to this DLC?
Like in Black Ops a special thing to me is the rocket on Launch going off, but IW don't add anything good because they are good for nothing's, But if they have something good that's not in this video well I will take it back.
Other then that everything on MW3 is pretty garbage to me, I quit playing because I got bored of it.


These will be the BEST maps on MW3 when they are released.


I feel like I've played them before ;/


Sad this is the last pack for MW3, but at least we get five maps.

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