The Last of Us Part 1 Trailer Highlights 3D Audio and DualSense

The Last of Us Part 1 is already available for PS5 (with the PC version in development), but Naughty Dog continues to highlight its features. A new video focuses on the “senses” that the remake caters to using 3D audio and haptic feedback via the DualSense. Check it out below.

One advantage of the 3D audio is hearing enemies before they have a chance to sneak up on you. Game director Matthew Gallant also notes how it “heightens that sense of just being grounded. You are in this character. You are in this world.” As for the haptic feedback, it allows one to feel the pitter-patter of the raindrops while walking in the rain. Thunder and snow can also be felt through the controller.

The adaptive triggers also come into play during combat, providing realistic feedback when firing a weapon. Everything adds to the immersion and ideally makes one feel part of the world.

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Exciting for knowing they're highlighting new features for the game on PS5


They are working on more for it awesome.


This game is getting crazy good feedback

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