Windows 11 reaches almost 24% market share on Steam

Valve has published the latest results of its monthly Hardware & Software Survey, showing dominant preferences among Steam customers. According to the August 2022 report, Windows 11 is back climbing the ladder after a small dip in July 2022. Valve says Microsoft's latest operating system has made a U-turn and gained 2.66 points, reaching an all-time high of 23.78%.

It is too early to predict when Windows 11 will become the most popular operating system on Steam. Still, the gap between seven-year-old Windows 10 and relatively young Windows 11 is slowly decreasing. In August 2022, Windows 10 experienced a significant decrease, going down from 73.11% to 69.06% (-4.11 points).

About 2.6% of Steam users do not care that Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows 7 almost three years ago. Moreover, the good-old Windows 7 gained 0.56 points in August 2022, thus securing the third most popular OS title.

Overall, Windows holds 96.23% of Steam users (-0.8 points). Apple's macOS has 2.5% (+0.76 points), and Linux is third with 1.27% (+0.04 points).

Windows 10 64-bit – 69.06% (-4.11 points)
Windows 11 – 23.78% (+2.66 points)
Windows 7 – 2.6% (+0.56 points)
macOS – 2.5% (+0.76 points)
Linux – 1.27% (+0.04 points)

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Win 10 is better than Win 11

Alot of 3rd party apps don't work on Win 11 (yet) ffs


I'm only keeping windows 11 on my surface pro! My computer will stay with 10.


We will have to soon download windows 11.


I tried the windows 11 beta. I kept getting blue screens of death. They locked the task bar. Everything seems not as user friendly as windows 10 is.


F that. I'm still drying on windows 10 lol

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