Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has started rolling out

The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family membership has started officially rolling out in select countries.

After releasing as an Xbox Insider exclusive preview last month, the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family membership has now had its official launch in Colombia and Ireland. As detailed on the official Irish and Colombian Xbox websites, subscribers can now sign up for a Family & Friends membership which will allow up to five individual accounts to use the same Xbox Game Pass account for one monthly price.

Each user will have their own Xbox profile so you don’t have to worry about someone overwriting their progress on your save files or unlocking your achievements ahead of you.

As the websites explain, the membership allows players access to hundreds of console and PC games (just like the regular Xbox Game Pass membership) and doesn’t restrict what games can be played at what time. Meaning everyone on the membership can play the same game, at the same time, and even play online together.

Right now the cost of this family plan is €21.99 a month in Ireland and 49,900 COP a month in Colombia (which is around $11.20 USD). Xbox hasn’t yet confirmed when the service will start rolling out to other countries but in the FAQ section of the websites linked above, it does say: "Currently we are piloting this plan in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. Future countries/regions might be added in the next months."

But what if you already have an Xbox Game Pass membership and want to switch to the Friends & Family plan when it launches in your region? Well, the FAQ answers that too: "After you join Game Pass Friends & Family as a Primary Account Holder, the time remaining on your previous plan will automatically convert," the website reads. Below this, there’s a table showing what will happen to your subscription, depending on the type you have, when it gets upgraded to a Family & Friends membership.

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decent enough price, hope it stays that way


Not a bad price and good for familys.


I used to love Xbox good family pass bakc on the 360 days


That's not a bad price considering the value for money you're getting with it.

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