Shovel Knight Dig Launches September 23

Yacht Club Games and Nitrome have announced the release date for Shovel Knight Dig, which is set to release on September 23 for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade.

The release date was announced via a new trailer for the game shared by the official Yacht Club Games Twitter account. The trailer itself stars popular YouTubers such as Arin Hanson of GameGrumps fame and Jirad Khalil, better known as The Completionist. It also provided a whole bunch of new gameplay to sift through, including fights against returning bosses such as Tinker Knight and Mole Knight.

Shovel Knight Dig will feature the titular knight as he takes on Digger Knight who destoryes his campfire and steals his treasure. Unlike the original game, Shovel Knight Dig tasks you with digging downwards through procedurally generated levels that are different each time you attempt to chase Digger Knight down.

Each run will grant you gems and treasures which you'll be able to use on the surface to upgrade Shovel Knight and his abilities. The game will also feature fast-paced and intense boss fights with returning characters, along with new foes to take on for the very first time.

As previously stated, Shovel Knight Dig will launch on September 26 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade for $24.99. If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, you'll be pleased to know that Shovel Knight Dig will be available to download as part of the service on launch day.

As for what else Yacht Club Games has in the works, earlier this year it announced a brand new title called Mina the Hollower, an action-adventure title reminiscent of titles such as The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania, designed with a GameBoy art style. The developer launched a Kickstarter page at the time, completely obliterating its funding goal by raising just over $1.2 million in just a single month.

Yacht Club doesn't specify when the game will release, but a release date of December 2023 is attached to the game's Kickstarter page. However, this is likely a placeholder, so it could be until 2024 before we see Mina the Hollower hit our screens.

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Def a game for the mobile and the Switch


man these games are so for the past lol

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