Halo Master Chief Collection Might Still Be Getting Microtransactions

It looks like 343 Industries could still look to add a highly-controversial feature to Halo: The Master Chief Collection at some point in the future. While much of the focus on the Halo series lately has involved Halo Infinite, 343 is still continuing to support The Master Chief Collection, which houses many of the older installments in the franchise. And despite retaining a large, consistent player base with The Master Chief Collection, 343 could soon make a decision that might rub many fans the wrong way.

Detailed in a new blog on the Halo website, 343 informed Master Chief Collection players that it's still in the process of considering the addition of microtransactions to the game in the future. Earlier this summer, 343 first introduced the idea of allowing players to buy "Spartan Points" in MCC with real-world money. This suggestion is one that led to quite a bit of fan outcry, with many saying that they don't want The Master Chief Collection to receive microtransactions. And while 343 still hasn't made a decision on this matter just yet, the studio did provide more context about how those discussions are going.

"As expected, a lively conversation ensued across the community as well as within the MCC team. In addition to some frustrations at the prospects of purchasing SP, much of the feedback focused on general frustrations with the current SP earn rates in MCC (particularly once players have hit level 100)," 343 explained in the write-up. "No decision has been made around the potential for purchasable SP being added as a secondary vector in the future, but with regards to SP earn rate complaints and the current wall that exists upon hitting level 100—we agree with you and are working on designs now to address this feedback in a future update."

While a decision hasn't been reached yet with microtransactions, 343 did share some good news about the future of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Specifically, an upcoming update to the game will let players earn a Spartan Point for every level they've surpassed between Tour 1 and Tour 11. Additionally, these points will be retroactively rewarded as well, which means that whatever your current Tour level is will grant you Spartan Points based on that level. Further details on when this patch might go live were not given.

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MT's actual ruin games into the ground

Maybe this is their idea to do so :hmmm:


I'll give it to the MCC team for single handedly carrying the Halo franchise. I like the idea of spartan points after level 100, but micro transactions should not be added.


MT completely ruined games.. for me at least.


I should have gotten this when it was like 14 $ lol


Well yes, a lot of people still are playing this.


of course what game doesn't have microtransactions

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